The small township of Strathmore was founded in 1878 by John and Peter Roth. They came to Tulare County from Western Pennsylvania. They grew wheat and barley and raised cattle. They hauled their goods to Tulare for Shipment.
In 1884 Barbara Roth, John and Peters' sister, moved to Strathmore from Pennsylvania In 1884, there were only 4 houses in the area. Of the 4, only 3 owners can be identified (George Roth, Henry Roth, and a family named the Van Emmons. The owner of the fourth house can only be identified as "The White Pants Dutchman"). Barbara Roth married Owen L. Flynns in 1889; she lived to be 103 and was the source of much of Strathmore Historical information.
In 1888 The Southern Pacific finally built a depot in the area and dubbed it "Roth's Spur". The name changed again, in 1892, to Santos. The first post office was established in 1896 and was given the name Roth.
In 1897, the first orange grove was planted in Strathmore by Owen l. Flynns, beginning one of Strathmore’s great exports.
In 1900, The Strathmore Land Co., a subsidiary of Balfour-Guthrie Co. of Fresno bought out the Roth holdings. This England based import-export firm had many investments in America. Hector Burness was their Great Agents. Mrs. Mary Burness suggested the name of Strathmore because she thought the area looked like her home in Strathmore Valley, Scotland.
In 1901, the town was renamed Balfour. Then in 1903, Strathmore became its official name. However, Strathmore was too long of a name so the Southern Pacific renamed Strathmore Filo in 1906. The citizen of Strathmore-Filo became upset because Filo sounded like a name a person would give to a dog. Led by Hector Burness, the towns people fought to restore the name of Strathmore for good, they were successful.
In 1909, the Balfour-Guthrie Co. laid out the township of Strathmore and divided their property into 40-acre (160,000 m2) plots. In 1909 Owen Flynn built the first house in the township and set up a new real estate firm called Flynn-Roth.
In 1910, a significant Strathmore landmark was built. A two story brick building, still seen today, was built by the Balfour-Guthrie Co. and was purchased by the Keeley Brothers and Warden Burdick. The lower half of the brick building was split into 2 stores, a grocery store and a hardware store. The top story was used as a gathering hall.
In 1910, Strathmore Chamber of Commerce was established, but was later suspended in 1972. The rival of Strathmore High School is Lindsay High School.
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