Today we are all aware of the possibility of fire. Because of my connections with Sequoia Crest, which is why we live in Camp Nelson, I’m very concerned with fire there. All have seen the results of very fires on the Sequoia trees. It is evident that these fires have been going on for hundreds, maybe thousands of years.  Why is Sequoia Crest so vulnerable to forest fires?  It is because of the very step hillside between the Crest and Wishon. Many have never been on this road which is now called the Fox Farm road. I built this road in 1947 to take the logs from Sequoia Crest to our mill in Springville, located where the rodeo is now held.

     The residents of Sequoia Crest are aware of the threat of fire from direction.  They have taken it upon themselves to organize a fire district. They realize that they need a very large firebreak between Wishon and Sequoia Crest.

  Our Captain Adams and I were discussing such a firebreak The idea came up that when  there was snow on the ground at Sequoia Crest, start fires that would burn downhill toward Wishon.  We both agreed that this was practical idea. But even if is a practical plan there are many layers of authorities who each must have their time to OK such a plan. There may be some artifacts, there may be some birdnests, there may be some bushes, and there is the Sierra Club.  There are many hurdles to jump over.  Captain Adams feels that it will take a minimum of a few years for any plan.

      The residents of Camp Nelson should also have their concerns. Does your fire district have a plan, any plan.  The piles of brush that you see along highway 190 should have been burnt long ago, but that was stopped by some agency or authority.  Why would they do that?  Each level of authority must earn their pay. We hired them to make our life more complicated. If you like what is going on, just sit by and do nothing.

Captain Adams would be helpful in explaining these facts and he would like your visit.

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