Cyberwarfare, (sometimes referred to as "cyberwar" and "cyber warfare,") is the use of computers and the Internet to conduct warfare in cyberspace.[1] One U.S. agency, the Joint Forces Command, describes some of its attributes:

Cyberspace technology is emerging as an "instrument of power" in societies, and is becoming more available to a country's opponents, who may use it to attack, degrade, and disrupt communications and the flow of information. With low barriers to entry, coupled with the anonymous nature of activities in cyberspace, the list of potential adversaries is broad. Furthermore, the globe-spanning range of cyberspace and its disregard for national borders will challenge legal systems and complicate a nation's ability to deter threats and respond to contingencies. [2]

There is debate on whether the term "cyberwarfare" is accurate, with some experts stating that "there is no cyberwar," and that the word is "a terrible metaphor." Other experts, however, contradict that stance, and point out that "the country was already in the midst of a cyberwar — and was losing it."[3]

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