About ten miles above Three Rivers, on the middle fork of the Kaweah river near the present extensive construction works of the Mt. Whitney Power company, stands an enormous rock, undercut in such a way as to form a considerable shelter.

    It is covered with the painted sign writing of a prehistoric race and until recent years was the abiding place for a settlement of Indians. The name "Hospital" rock arose through an accident that befell A. Everton in 1873 or 1874. Mr. Everton, in company with George Cahoon, was hunting and trapping in the vicinity and had out several set guns for bear. One morning the finding of fresh blood on the trail indicated a wounded bear and Everton started to return to camp to get dogs. On the way he accidentally sprung one of the set guns, receiving the load in his leg, a nasty wound from which he could scarcely have recovered had it not been for the Indians. These carried him to camp and the squaws nursed him back to health, applying such embrocations of herbs as were suited to the case. As Hospital Rock it has therefore since been known.

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