The Redwood Project

   Its time to bring the Redwood story up to date. We had eight samples from eight different wells. Two of these samples where of petrified redwood. We later found that we could not have these two samples date-ed as there was no wood left.  The other six samples we split in split in two and kept one for ourselves. We now sent these five samples to Dr.Peter Wigand of the University of Nevada in Reno. We expected that he would date them but all he did was tell us what kind of wood they were. One of the samples was seashells, which was obvious. He determined that one sample was oak. The rest where all redwood.

   Our desire was to have all dated, if possible.  We now searched for a company to date these items of redwood.  We found, Beta Analytic Inc in Miami, Florida. We now sent two samples, one of redwood and the other of seashells. Fallowing are the results.

Sample Sroo12a shells, from 500ft. 42,700 years, from near Chowchilla

Sample Sroo9 Redwood from 76ft.  1400 years. From near Delrey.

The cost of the two analyses was $970.00

   Our intent now is too find some University that might be interested in this project to lower the costs of dating these items.

    I will continue calling well drillers in hopes they will find more items of interest

Sonny Rouch

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