Michael W. Taylor (born April 25, 1966, in Los Angeles) is a leading discoverer of champion and tallest trees - most notably Coast Redwoods. In 2006, Michael co-discovered the tallest known tree in the world, a coast redwood (sequoia) now named "Hyperion". He also discovered "Helios" and "Icarus", the 2nd and 3rd tallest.

National Geographic made a video about the discovery and measuring of Hyperion [1]. The discovery made headlines. [2] [3] [4]

Taylor has discovered 50 coast redwoods over 350 feet tall, and co-discovered approximately 100 more over 350 feet with Chris Atkins and Stephen Sillett, who is the first holder of the Kenneth L. Fisher Chair in Redwood Forest Ecology at Humboldt State University. [5]. Taylor and Sillett have collaborated and measured remarkable previously unknown redwoods. Their discoveries have fueled research and public interest in coast redwoods, which are now a World Heritage Site.

Michael is a main character of the non-fiction book (2007) The Wild Trees.[6]. The narrative includes how Taylor began exploring for tall trees, measuring tallest trees, and later networking with Pacific coast forest researchers.

Taylor co-discovered the largest known coast redwood named Lost Monarch in the Grove of Titans, as well as Iluvatar in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.


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[edit] Tallest tree discoveries

Hellios and Icarus were discovered in 2006, shortly before Hyperion. Hyperion was the record height coast redwood that prompted National Geographic Society and Save-the-Redwoods League to coordinate a documentary. These are just 3 of many coast redwoods over 350' tall which Michael Taylor discovered. The details are chronicled at www.talltreesclub.org

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