Established in 1936 as a primary fire detection facility, Mule Peak Lookout was constructed for $2,800 on a rocky peak at elevation 8,142 feet.  The C-3 live-in cab was built by the CCC’s who packed all the materials in by horseback.  To this day, all materials and supplies must be packed in the 1.25 miles from the parking area or delivered by helicopter.  There is a small gable roofed shed built near the base of the lookout.    The lookout is in good condition considering the early construction date, and very little remodeling has been done.  This sits well with Mark Thornton, who in his 1988 evaluation, gave Mule Peak a rating of 19 of a possible 30, and just makes the list of lookouts eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. 

The lookout is funded by the Tule River Indian Reservation and is staffed 5 days a week during fire season (closed on Tuesday and Wednesday).  Mule Peak is usually open to the public from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

  • Location:  Township 22 South, Range 31 East, Section 15

  • Directions:  From California Hot Springs (SM56) go 2.08 miles to the “T” junction. Turn left on SM50, going pass UHL Ranger Station, merging into Parker Pass Road for approximately 13.04 miles. Turn Left on Western Divide Highway (SM107) and go northerly for approximately 4.70 miles and turn left on FR22S03 for 3.82 miles to parking space and walk up the switchback trail (less than 1 mile) to the Peak and Lookout.

  • Online Map: Sentinel Peak Quad

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